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I published a book! 


Thinking you'd like to visit, but don't have the time or means to get to Vermont?  Visit us from the comfort of your own home!  This 40 page photobook highlights snapshots of the beauty of the Vermont Foothills, photos of which were taken in the spring months of 2023.  


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This book was created as a photo journal guide to the activities and pleasures Southern Vermont provides, specifically for the traveling guest of the state looking to maximize their experience while staying in the Green Mountains.


Few other places evoke the sense of refreshed vitality as that of the rolling foothills of Southern Vermont. The air is fresh, the mountains are green and the people are warm. This series intends to capture various scenes that can be found around the lower portion of the state, mostly around Route 100, the state highway that functions as the spine of access to some of the best parts of Vermont. Although the biggest industry is tourism and vacationing for enthusiasts of the outdoors, adventure seekers and dairy fanatics, much of the best parts of what the area are missed by those visiting on long weekends.


The beauty and joy this state has to offer extends far beyond the resorts. Join us as we experience the Green Mountain State in each distinct season starting off with Vol. 1: Spring 2023.


Coffee Table Book: The Splendors of Southern Vermont

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