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The love story of the Cabin

In 2019, the land was purchased sight unseen.  Dan and Natalie had lived in both New York and Los Angeles for the formative years of their adult life and wanted a place to escape from the stress of the city.  Natalie had grown up in Dedham, Massachusetts.  Dan grew up in South Burlington, Vermont.  Both missed the green New England summers on the lake and white winters on the slopes.  When they came across the opportunity to call their small slice of heaven home, they pulled the trigger.  Upon the first visit, it was unclear what exactly the future of the land looked like, but it was brimming with potential.  In summer 2020, they spent weekends driving up from the TriState area to pitch a tent and build a fire.  Dan learned how to use a chainsaw and they started to clear up some of the fallen trees to make the space usable.  Since the acre of woods is on a small mountain, the usable places to pitch a tent on flat ground were few and far between.  It was clear that in order to fully win over Natalie to the land, we would need to erect a small structure that would keep the elements at bay and peace of mind.  In Spring 2021, they purchased the materials for the cabin from nearby Jamaica Cottage Shop.  With the lumber pre-cut, they spent the weekends of that summer erecting the foundation with trees sourced from the site and assembled the cabin like a life-size lego set.  This opened up the possibilities of what the area has to offer without worry.  Kayaking, fishing, hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, relaxing, eating at the nearby restaurants and more with a queen size bed awaiting at the end of the day.

In 2022, they decided to share this place with friends and fellow travelers looking to get away from the stressors and luxuries of the city to reconnect with nature and enjoy the peace this rustic cabin provides.  Dan continues to use wood  from the land to create usable furniture products and lumber.

You are invited!

To book your night in the cabin, click here.

Projects and souvenirs from Dan and Nat can be found here.  

Thank you and we look forward to hosting you soon!

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