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Private hiking/splitboarding trail now complete!

One of the unique features of the cabin is that it abuts untouched mountainside forest. In the 1970s, the land was parceled out for a small ski mountain. The land was never developed and the acreage that was to be cleared for skiing remains raw. With the backyard of the cabin effectively this slice of unspoiled backwoods, when you stay here, you have the entire wooded slope to yourself and the occasional deer.

In the summer, it becomes a beautiful green lush oasis for deer and birds that you can hike to the hilltop. It's about 1/3 of a mile hike through the brush which is now marked via a series of orange tree directional which will help you make your way up and back. The slope becomes fairly steep at points, but is manageable for anyone prepared with proper hiking gear. As we aim to keep the area as unspoiled as possible, overgrowth of ferns along the marked trail may need to be navigated, so those with hiking boots, long pants and maybe a mosquito head net or bug spray will have the best experience.

In the winter, the trail is great for snowshoeing or splitboarding to the peak and guaranteed first track powder woods runs on your way back.

The top of the hill is clear cut, so you have a fantastic view for miles facing east and north. It's a great spot for a quick nap after your hike before your descent back and also makes for a great picnic spot. If you don't feel like making the hike, the mountaintop can be accessed via vehicle on the dirt road found at the top of Streeter Road accessible from Route 100 if you turn south off of Stratton Arlington Rd.

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